Radio King dash cam fitting service Dublin

Radio King dash cam installing service Dublin

Upgrade Your Drive with Professional Premium Dash Cam fitting Services by Radio King at Dublin!

Ensuring road safety is paramount in Dublin. That's why having a dash cam installed in your car is not just a smart choice, it's a necessity. Here's why:

Why Should Dash Cam Professionally Fitted by Radio King?

With over a decade of experience in installing dash cams, radio systems, and audio equipment, Radio King has earned a reputation as a trusted expert in the field at Dublin. Here’s why opting for our dash cam professional fitting service is the best choice for your car:

Continuous Operation: With professional hard-wiring by Radio King, your dash cam remains operational whenever your engine is running. Say goodbye to the risk of losing recording capabilities due to accidental cable disconnection or cable swapping for phone charging.

Tidy Setup: Our expert installers ensure that all dash cam cables are discreetly tucked away behind the dashboard, resulting in a clean and clutter-free interior. No more hassle of dealing with dangling wires while changing gears or entering/exiting the vehicle.

Free Up Your Power Outlet: By opting to professional dash cam fitting service, you can free up your cigarette lighter socket for other essential devices like your satellite navigation system or smartphone charger. Say hello to convenience without compromising on functionality.

What are the benefits of installing a dash camera?

Avoid unfair fines. A dash cam aimed at your car interior provides solid evidence against claims of phone use or seatbelt violations by law enforcement.

Get an extra set of eyes on the road. Dash cams capture critical incidents such as collisions and parking lot mishaps, providing valuable evidence for insurance claims and police reports.

Keep an eye out while you're gone. The in-built G-sensor can detect sudden jolts or impacts while your car is parked, and will kick into action automatically to capture any potential incidents. Should an emergency video be recorded, the dash cam will alert you audibly upon reactivation.

Our Premium Dash Cams

We specialize in installing only the most reliable and high-quality dashboard cameras, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind on the road.

70mai Dash cam Pro Plus+

High resolution of 2592x1944

Outstanding image quality with high resolution of 2592x1944, capturing license plates, road signs, and other critical details on the road.

Infrared Night Vision

3D DNR and WDR significantly improve image clarity by reducing noise and adjusting exposure balance when recording in low-light or high-contrast environments. F1.8 large aperture pulls in more light to brighten up dark scenes.

Dual-Channel Recording

Compatible with the RC06 rear camera, the Pro Plus+ can achieve dual-channel recording, providing all-round protection so you can drive with peace of mind.

24H Smart Parking Surveillance

The G-sensor, when activated, detects sudden shakes or collisions when your car is parked, automatically initiating recording to capture any potential incidents. In case of an emergency video recording, the dash cam alerts you with a voice notification upon reactivation

70mai Dash cam Pro Plus+

Exceptional image quality boasting a high resolution of 2592x1944, adept at capturing license plates, road signs, and other crucial details on the road.

In tandem with the RC06 rear camera, the Pro Plus+ facilitates dual-channel recording, ensuring comprehensive protection for your peace of mind while on the road.

When triggered, the G-sensor identifies abrupt jolts or impacts while your vehicle is parked, initiating recording to document any potential occurrences. If an emergency video is recorded, the dash cam notifies you audibly upon reactivation.


One-Year Warranty

1 Year - Radio King Ireland - Android Car Radios and CarPlay Systems

In the case of a manufacturer fault, we replace your dashboard camera. Our responsibility is to ensure our clients are satisfied, and we stand by the functionality of all our vehicle dash cams.

30 Days Money Back

30 Day - Radio King Ireland - Android Car Radios and CarPlay Systems

As dedicated professionals committed to our clients, we extend a 30-day money-back guarantee for our dash cams installing (excluding labour costs.)

Dash Cam Fitting Support

service - Radio King Ireland - Android Car Radios and CarPlay Systems

We provide after-sale support for our clients and car dealers. Our commitment extends to helping with any questions regarding our dash cams. We even record videos for tricks on dash cams usage if needed.